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Tools Included in Your Golf Simulator

Golf Simulators

This is the core for what a golf simulator can do for you. Make small changes in weight transfer, ball speed, angle and other factors can greatly improve your game and in fact, take it to a whole new level of control and play.

Golf Simulators

Swing Analysis

The beauty of using a golf simulator is you can take advantage of the advances in technology, which are huge. The upgrades in the technology for defining golf play has come forward at lightning speed. Take advantage of the Swing Analysis module to learn how to tweak your swing style to get the most out of every shot. The technology utilizes high-speed cameras (120 frames per second) with special wide-angle lenses to capture data.

Using the video playback will let it be simple to see where you need to correct on your screen. This is a must have for golf instructors. Remember previous modules of golf simulators have at best, standard DV camcorders and they only run at around 30-frames per second) you do not the clarity or data capture that a faster frame rate will give you.

Automated Swing Capture

The Automated Swing Capture is another advance in technology that will really help your game no matter how long you've been playing. Previous incarnations of the swing capture on other golf simulators required two people to use. One was the swinger and the other had to hit a button to start the swing capture mode. Since old style swing capture methods work via acoustics, noisy environments can affect the data collected. That's not an issue with the new style design golf simulators we carry.

Our golf simulator models are the only type of golf simulator that features "Perfect Swing" technology. This swing model was developed with input from world-renowned golf instructor Jim McLean. Here is what makes Perfect Swing so outstanding. This module incorporates the swing patterns of Ernie Els, Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods. The result is you learn to hone your skills to the tried and true pros of the course.

You also have the ability to do on the spot editing via the touch screen. Features include: freeze frame, side by side comparison, slow motion playback and the ability to save swings for later review.

Swing Dynamics

Want more? The Swing Dynamics module utilizes computer vision technology's latest advances and will give you the most accurate measurements in a real time fasion. This is especially helpful for club manufacturers and club fitters to let their customers test and find the perfect fitting club. The simulator system in turn will generate a detailed report that can be viewed on screen, printed or emailed to the customer for their personal records. Imagine being able to measure your Overall shaft flex, Angle of attack, Club head acceleration, Wrist cock, Load factor, Position of maximum club head speed, Club head speed at impact and Swing Tempo at the touch of your hand.

This module is very cost efficient and integrates seamlessly into the golf simulator. The Swing Dynamics module will measure overall shaft flex, club head acceleration, and position of maximum club head speed, angle of attack and load factor.

The technology is here to give you a realistic golfing experience from your own private space as well the technologically advanced tools to bring your game to a whole new level of accuracy. Imagine being able to measure all critical ball and club parameters including: ball speed, club speed, launch angle, club face angle, ball spin and spin axis with extreme accuracy and continues to be the simulator of choice for PGA professionals and amateurs alike.

All information including graphs and weight distribution patterns are presented on the touch screen and big screen for easy review. You can also keep track of your improvements and any backsliding in swing or play will be easy to see and correct. Always keep you on top of your game.

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