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The Executive Simulator

Golf Simulators

Bring the most renowned golf course from all over the world to the comfort of your house.

Have you ever thought about having the most advanced golf simulator and in the same time one of the most amazing home theaters of the moment? Well, now you can with The Executive Simulator that allows you to have the time of your life practicing your favorite sport without having to worry about the weather outside.

Golf Simulators

The Executive Simulator is a complete system that is built especially for your entertainment and it will offer hundreds of hours of pure fun and entertainment. Want to practice a couple of shots until all your family gets together for the latest HD movie? The Executive Simulator makes all this possible for you by integrating all that you ever wanted in a single system.

Experience the realism

You will be amazed with the level of realism offered by The Executive Simulator with the help of a powerful video engine and a state of the art computer that will be capable of rendering a close to reality environment.

Feel like you are on the golf course with the help of the High Definition projector and surround sound system.

Advanced computer vision ball & club tracking

Take advantage of the integrated ball and club tracking tools in order to study even the smallest detail of your swing in order to get better and better each day.

Golf Simulators

With the help of the most advanced cameras and sensors a precise ball / club tracking is performed by the simulator so that all the parameters of your shot will be correctly recorded and displayed.

Superior reliability

The Executive Simulator is using the highest quality components in order to offer you the most reliable and durable indoor golfing experience. It will never let you down and this is all that matters when it comes to a state of the art device like this.

Learn and train at home

Want to practice a couple of shots in order to become a better golf player? Well, now you don't have to travel to the golf course for this. With the help of The Executive Simulator you can train better in the comfort of your house and in the same time receive real time reports of your shots.

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