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Most Accurate Ball and
Club Tracking in the Industry

Golf Simulators

Our golf simulators boasts the industry's intensely accurate ball and club tracking system. This means you can actually take your game down by accurately calculated degrees.

We all know that even a few degrees can send your ball one way or another. Learn to control your swings through the state of the art technology that can give you the incredible feedback that is not only accurate, you will know exactly how to correct to get the most accuracy in your golf swing. That's something even the best, most attentive golf instructor just can't do for you.

Golf is all about the details. When you let technology step in and show you where you can improve your golf game, you can only excel with good advice. Small improvements in your angle or swing can make all the difference in the world between you becoming a "good" golfer or a "great" golfer.

Golf Simulators

Golf Simulator Measurements Include the Following:

  • Distance
  • Ball speed
  • Club-head speed
  • Efficiency ("smash factor")
  • Launch angle
  • Swing-path
  • Club head angle at impact
  • Ball position re: club-head at impact
  • Ball spin
  • Spin axis
  • Trajectory
  • Shaft flex/deflection (with additional module)
  • Load factor
  • Swing acceleration
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing tempo
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