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Overview of Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators

What is your dream course to play? Pebble Beach?
What if you could click a button and be playing Pebble Beach®? How about playing at beautiful golf destinations such as Pinehurst® or Kiawah Island? Enjoy the green, enjoy the realistic ocean view, all from the comfort of your own private space.

Interactive Sports TechnologiesTM manufactures the finest in golf simulators and they've come a long way from the times when you hit the ball into a screen and the computer read out told you how far the ball probably went. You can actually play golf on simulated, high definition courses the mimic the real deal. Virtual reality has never seemed this real.

Why Do You Get in a Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators utilize the latest computer advances and can give you outstanding realism in your indoor golfing experience.
The vision technology will give you absolutely precise shot analysis so you can learn and correct as you play. With a golf simulator, you can improve your game rain or shine.

The capabilities in the technology to do ball measurements are impressive. With every swing of your golf club you can learn the ball speed, the club speed, launch angle, club face angle, ball spin and the spin axis. This is an excellent way to define your true golfing style and make necessary improvements using cold, hard facts from the analysis to make you a better golfer.

Golf Simulators

PGA Pros Use Golf Simulators

PGA Tour names such as Stephen Ames and well known golf instructors like Jim McLean both utilize the benefits of golf simulation technology to give them an edge that the golfers out on the green alone aren't going to get.

State of the Art Images Give a Real Experience

Remember, when golf simulators were in their infancy and the graphics were comparable to a video game? Those days are gone. The images used in the computer generation of the golf simulation images are compiled for absolute accuracy in the course that is presented. High resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data are designed into stunningly accurate 3D models of golf courses that look real, play real and are accurately depicted right down to the placement of the trees on the course.

What Courses Can You Currently Play?

Currently available courses included Pebble Beach®, Pinehurst®, Kiawah Island®, Spyglass®, Doral®, Harbourtown®, Troon, North®, Bethpage Black®, Banff Springs® and many others.

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