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Improving Your Golf in the Great Indoors

Golf Simulators

The sales of golf simulators begin to surge in the fall every year because golfers in the upper zone of the United States know that ice, snow and sub-freezing temperatures don't make for a great game of golf. If running off to a warmer climate isn't an option because your boss, wife and kids will kill you in that order - consider adding a golf simulator to your home. You can play a realistic game, improve your game and you don't have to leave home. Also, this an activity the entire family can join in on.

Golf Simulators

If you tried golf simulators in the past and you weren't all that impressed whacking a golf ball into a screen where you got a digital read out of how far it would have gone if you were really playing golf, you're not alone. Golf simulator designers have listened to the complaints and wishes of golfers everywhere and that's how the high definition golf simulators came into being. They are nothing like the golf simulators of the pass. They are designed using satellite and digital technology that creates a golfing experience that's realistic - each course is designed to be absolutely accurate, right down to the placement of the trees on the course.

If you'd like to try out a high definition golf simulator, and you're in the Bethel, Connecticut area - just give us a call and we'll set up an appointment for you to try an entirely new golfing experiencing.