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High Definition Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators

Our golf simulators are the number one choice in recreation centers, golf course clubhouses, luxury hotels, indoor golf centers and luxury homes. There are many reasons why High Definition GolfTM simulators have become so popular today. The High Brightness/Contrast screen is excellent for watching events or movies, ensuring unmatched realism and consistent quality. Installation is simple and quick with no modifications of the existing facility required.

Whether it's for golf retail, clubfitting, golf instruction or home use, our simulators can be custom-built to suit your individual needs.

High Definition GolfTM provides consumers with three simulator models to choose from:

Your High Definition GolfTM package will include the following components: a 250W stereo sound system, precision ball tracking system, 19" LCD touch-screen console, HDTV compatible high brightness projector, high quality desktop workstation, tee mats and nylon golf turf.

The software features swing path and clubface analysis tools, club fitting, ball tracking and trajectory analysis, tournament play system, events, games, player statistics,complete practice facility and a selection of the world's most renowned golf courses.

Golf Simulators

You also get a range golf simulator options and accessories including: Internet play with video and audio, club fitting and swing analysis.

Other technical specifications include:

Frame/ simulator screen assembly:

  • Championship Model Steel frame 15'x11' w/multi layer screen
  • Standard Model Steel frame 13.5'x10' w/multi layer screen
  • Executive Model Steel frame 12'x9' w/multi layer screen


Dell Precision T3500 workstation with Nvidia GeForce 9500 Dual DVI. 500 GB HD, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, Dual Core processors.


  • 5000 Lumen's 3 LCD Projector with short throw lens
  • 3000 Lumen's 3 LCD Projector

Ball Tracking system:

  • Spin Module that features 1 Hi-speed, "smart" camera, IR illuminator
  • Club Data Module that features 1 High Speed, "smart" camera, 2 hallogen bulbs.
  • Ball Tracking system that features 2 High speed, "smart" cameras, IR illuminators

Swing Dynamics Module (Optional):

  • Swing Dynamics Module that features 1 High Speed USB Camera, White LED panel x 2

Video Swing Analysis System:

  • 2 High speed cameras / Zoom Lens / Fire Wire male 6 pin to 6 pinconnector -30"/ Lighting system
Golf Simulators

Live Internet Play:

  • lapelle microphones, audio amplifier, USB web Camera

Golf Turf: Custom ordered Spring-set nylon

  • Championship Model Golf Turf with 15 x 18, Spring-set nylon
  • Standard Model Golf Turf with 15 x 16, Spring-set nylon
  • Executive Model Golf Turf with 15 x 16, Spring-set nylon

Hitting Mat:

  • Sand sand and rough panels
  • Hitting Mat 24" x 46 1/2"

Stance Mat:

  • 2 Stance Mats 46 1/2" x 46 1/2"

Drapery Package:

  • 1 Baffle, 2 Draped

Cabinet (Optional):

  • Computer and touch screen cabinet in Oak or Grey Melamine
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