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Golf Simulators for Home Use

Golf Simulators

Golf simulators for home use were once few and far between unless you wanted to get the type of golf simulator that was just a small step above a video game, and not a very well done video game at that. Early versions of home version golf simulators left a lot to be desired. They would measure the probably distance you hit your ball into the measuring screen and the velocity at which the ball hit but that was pretty much it. Actually playing golf and learning from your golf simulator wasn't a technological advancement that had happened yet.

Now, in the present you have a lot of choices for golf simulators for home use. We highly recommend skipping anything that looks like a video game and getting a state of the art model. Our high definition golf simulators are made to specific course specifications right down to individual trees you'd find on the actual course. When you load the Pebble Beach course module, you will be playing a realistic yet virtual golf game at Pebble Beach.

Also you can get as much information if not more from your home golf simulator as you would taking golf lessons from a pro instructor. Our golf simulator will measure everything from your swing to your stance and even your ball rotation to give you a full overview on what you can correct to really up your game and lower your strokes.

If you'd like to see what you've been missing out on, contact us and set up an appointment to come try out our golf simulator and see what a real game of virtual golf is like.