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Golf Simulators for Home Reviews

Golf Simulators

This blog post started out with the goal to compare 3 top golf simulators to the High Definition Golf Simulator, but the downside of it, our golf simulator is far ahead technologically there is no comparison. Literally none, for a home review of golf simulators.

I can tell you previously, I would have looked at the Dancin' Dogg Golf OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator which retails for around $399 or so but it looks so "flat" compared to the realistic experience on a high definition golf simulator. Golf Launchpad Golf Simulator is also another golf simulator I would have liked to have been able to compare to the high definition golf simulator but again it's comparing a Commodore 64 computer from 1983 to an iPhone4 now. They are both technology but vastly different and one is clearly more advanced than the other.

When you take a golf simulator and create something that gives such a realistic experience for golfing and also can help you improve your game, there is no comparison. Find out for yourself and you'll see what I mean.