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Golf Simulator Price

Golf Simulators

One of the biggest questions you will have regarding a golf simulator purchase will be the golf simulator price. And the answer is, it depends on the modules you want. A lot of modules come standard in our golf simulator and the graphics and realism of the playing green make even practicing your swing an awesome golfing experience.

Some of the standard installed in our golf simulator are ball & club tracking which allows you to play as you would on an actual course. A single shot will give you all the following measurements : Distance (carry & roll), Ball speed, Club-head speed, Efficiency ("smash factor"), Launch angle, Swing-path (outside/in, inside/out), Club head angle at impact, and Ball position re: club-head at impact and also Ball spin.

There are also additional modules y0u can add to further enhance your golfing experience and further your learning of the game. Call us today at 203-778-2777 to discuss golf simulator price and features.

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