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Golf Instruction

Golf Simulators

Imagine the possibilities of owning your own golf instruction studio that could earn money, teach students and work tirelessly when your student was ready to learn, not depending on the weather?

Imagine a golf simulator delivering an easy-to-use system that is so advanced you can analyze every part of a golfers swing in real-time, provide precise shot analysis in the golf simulator industry, provide instant feedback that allows you help players quickly improve their shots. Your students can leave better golfers than when they arrived.

The quick feedback and constant improvement will keep your students excited about the game and coming back for more. Also the Internet connectivity allows you to share, video files, lessons, equipment information and much, much more. You can even customize each student's golfing experience to fit their individual needs. This isn't a one-size-fits-all golf simulation. This is a learning tool and state of the art golfing technology.

It's easy to use, ready 365 days a year to play numerous Classic courses around the world and is very easy to install, what are you waiting for?

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Golf Simulators

Advanced computer vision provides ball & club tracking:

The ball and club tracking module allows your students to play shots exactly as they would play them on a real course.

  • Shot Analysis will tell your students at a glance the following measurements
  • Distance (carry & roll)
  • Ball speed
  • Club-head speed
  • Efficiency ("smash factor")
  • Launch angle
  • Swing-path (outside/in, inside/out)
  • Club head angle at impact
  • Ball position re: club-head at impact
  • Ball spin
  • Spin axis

Unlock the potential a golf simulator can give you and your students. You golf simulator will provide a totally integrated professional golf instruction studio which is completely modular and includes "closed loop" diagnostic tools for shot analysis, video swing analysis, swing dynamics and weight transfer/balance analysis of your students. Also, there are features that allow for precision club fitting and equipment comparison.

All of these can be stored in secure, digital "Player Lockers." The Player Lockers can be accessed by your student to see and review lessons, watch video swing files, club fitting information and more. They can also sign up for virtual tournaments and league play.

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