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One of the biggest advantages brought by golf simulators consists in the possibility of playing on a large number of courses without having to move from the comfort of your house. This is what everybody appreciates about these devices and producers are well aware of this fact and try to do their best in order to offer more and more courses with an ultimate level of detail.

Believe it or not a huge amount of work and time is invested in creating a golf course for golf simulators. The producers have two options: they can simulate a real golf course with even the smallest details so that the player will feel like he is there, or they can create a new virtual golf course that will allow players to be placed in front of new challenges that will make everything more entertaining.

Simulating a real golf course requires a lot of technology and hard work because accurate terrain mapping is done with the help of high precision satellites and cameras. A high performance computer is also needed for rendering the golf course and making the user of the golf simulator feel like he is one the real course.

On the other hand creating a virtual golf course requires a lot of imagination and hard work. Everything is done with the help of a powerful computer, but talent cannot be left out of the equation especially if you want to build a fascinating virtual golf course from scratch.