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Commercial Uses for Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators

A golf simulator can be a powerful advertising tool for your business and you don't have to own a golf store to utilize it. Numerous businesses from condo complexes to luxury hotels are cashing in the public's love of golf and making it convenient to playing using the latest technology.

The beautiful thing about adding a golf simulator to your business is that day or night, no matter what the weather is like - your patrons can play golf on any of their favorite luxury Championship golf courses from around the world. Not only can they enjoy a great game of golf, they can improve their games and get valuable information about their playing style.

There are a wide selection of competition formats including stroke play, match play, scramble, best ball, and others for your customers to choose from. There are 15 Championship Courses are included and new courses are added regularly and can be installed via DVD or via the Internet. So you always can offer a new course to play.

The score keeping is completely automated, all your customers have to do is show up and golf! The simulators are loaded with driving ranges and practice greens for chipping, pitching and putting. Every single club in their bag can get used.

Having a Virtual Golf Competition is a great way to raise awareness of your company. Let your customers compete head-to-head with live Internet play or you can just log-in into the golf simulator tournament system to join "Open" tournaments or even create your own "Invitationals". You can create leagues too if you want.

The simulator itself is incredibly easy to use and you can also install the On-screen Ad Kit - sell advertising space on the golf simulator to generate recurring revenue or promote upcoming events and "specials" for your company. Don't forget that the golf simulators can also be used as an HDTV compatible, surround sound theater for presentations, sporting events and movies.

Golf Simulators

Who Currently Uses Golf Simulators?

  • Public & Private Golf Course Clubhouses
  • Golf Retail
  • Condominium Complexes
  • Hotels , Resorts & Cruise ships
  • Residential Development , Homebuilders & Luxury Homes

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