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Ball/Club Tracking

Golf Simulators

Golf simulators are fascinating for every player because they offer you the chance of experimenting a very real on course golfing experience inside your own house and this is a proof for where the level of technology has gone these days. Most of us watch these simulators amazed of the opportunities they bring to us, but we never really take some time and think of the technologies that make everything possible.

Probably the most important part that a golf simulator has to achieve is the simulation of the ball and the club and even if this does not sound too complicated, you have to believe us when we are telling you that there is some state of the art technology involved here.

In an advanced golf simulator the whole ball tracking process is done with the help of high precision cameras coupled to a powerful computer that is able to process and analyze in real time the initial trajectory of the golf ball. In order to bring a close to reality experience to the user of a golf simulator the following factors are measured and analyzed: the speed of the ball, the launch angle, the acceleration along with the back and the side spin.

The club tracking is done in a very similar manner, but of course other factors are followed: the club face and of course the swing path. This is done for the whole distance of the swing in order to be as accurate as possible.

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