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Looking to take your indoor golfing experience to the ultimate level? Our high quality technology allows you to do just that. Golf enthusiasts are constantly trying to improve their game and what better way to understand more about your own game than by using the video swing analysis system? This module allows users to receive accurate video playback while also providing the best display of club and ball measurements including ball spin, club face angle at contact, swing path, launch angle and ball speed.

Our golf simulating systems make it very easy for you to improve your game. The Swing Analysis system does not require any new software or a second computer. The video playback is highly accurate, enabling both players as well as coaches to easily review it. Editing tools include: save swings, slow motion playback, side by side comparison and freeze frame.

The Swing Dynamics Module allows club fitters and club manufacturers to let consumers compare a wide range of shafts and golf clubs. This module was designed to make comprehensive shaft measurements and swing dynamics in real time. Our golf simulators enable users to make the following measurements: spin axis, ball spin, club face angle, launch angle, club speed and ball speed, with maximum accuracy.

Another easy-to install and easy to operate tool is the weight transfer analysis module. This integrated simulator solution provides users with such balance measurements as: tempo, center of gravity, weight transfer and balance.

Our club fitting systems make use of the intuitive user interface to provide customers with clubs that are fine-tuned and fit perfectly. You will be able to make and receive recommendations based on such indicators as: ball spin and trajectory, club head angle at impact, swing-path, launch angle, clubspeed, ball speed and shot distance.

The GolfTM Tournament Play allows players to compete either at home or anywhere around the world. This tool enables golf enthusiasts to run leagues for children and seniors, women and men. Live Internet play was deigned for players in different locations or different simulators to become friends, share their experiences and compete.

Our Golf Center Management Software can be used to advertise on the big screen, track scores, manage and create tournaments and leagues, book tee times, review number of golf shots or time usage, save to CD or email to golfers.

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